Evolution Mining will be holding a miners ball in October this year. The Men’s Shed has been asked to build something for the charity auction to be held on the night. We have decided to create a unique, natural timber coffee table for this event.


A quantity of slab timber was kindly made available by Bob Neil of Slab Happy Furniture. A part of one slab was selected for its grain and shape and this was cut to form the top of the coffee table. The sanding the preparation is currently underway.



The first pour of resin is complete and the “resin lake” is ready for its permanent resident.

The sanding is now complete and the first layer of resin has been added to fill the cracks and the ‘feature’ hole in the timber.


Miners Coffee Table

The first top coat is on

The resin work is now complete and the first top coat has been added to the table. It has been quite amazing to see the colour in the wood emerge with the application of the surface coating.
Work on the legs for the table is already underway and Brian has donated two railway pins (I forget what he called them) salvaged from the local decommissioned Mt Perry rail line, for use on the leg structure.



The table has now been fully assembled and is ready for coating.

The table ready for the final coatings

The table ready for the final coatings

Detail of the railway spike

Detail of the railway spike


The table is finished!

The finishing touches have been applied and the table is now ready for the auction at the Evolution Minor Ball.

The table is complete

The table is complete